Since 2012 our Rotary Club of The Villages Evening Foundation has spent over #169,000 supporting projects and needs in/around The Villages and the world.

Some of our projects are out in the community and some are done at our meetings as a Hands On opportunity.


Rotarian Liaison: Gay Davidson

Smiles For Veterans Report

Rotarian Liaison: Jim Bodenner, Dusty Rhodes, Kat Sizemore

Harbour View Elementary

Rotarian Liaison: Sue Bodenner
Dolphin Depot: Rich Tapia
Tutors for Kids Books:Kate Tapia

St. Theresa's Impact Fund

Rotarian Liaison: Julie Schmied

Bridge the Gap
Lazarus Free Medical

Rotarian Liaison: Julie Schmied

Forward Paths

Rotarian Liaison: Kat Sizemore

Healthy Start Diaper Drop

Rotarian Liaison: Jim Bodenner

Patriot Service Dogs

Rotarian Liaison Gay Ratcliff Seamans

Hands On Projects

Rotary Liaison: Pat Roam


1. Medicine bottles without labels
2. clear plastic newspaper bags
3. Sunday coupon inserts
4. toothbrushes
5. travel size personal care


Kiva Loans: Cindy Ivy
Haiti SafeWater: TimTreat
Dominican Republic Literacy Project: Sue Bodenner

Shelter Box: Rich Tapia