as of February 2024

Kat Sizemore

President 2023-24, Kar, will lead us for the year with the RI Presidential Theme Bring Hope to the World.  The focus is on Mental Health.  Our programs and activities will reflect the theme.  Kat also loves to have fun so the club can expect some tricks up her sleeve at meetings.  Having fun, socializing, smiling and helping others helps our own mental health.


Kat Sizemore

Kat has a passion for homeless youth and is the liaison for projects with Forward Paths, an organization that works with youths transitioning out of foster care.  Kat will be Club President 2023-2024.

Julie Schmied

past President Julie has been instrumental in learning the various needs of St Theresa's Social Services and finding ways for our club to help. She has served as Foundation Chair and is creative in fundraising ideas. 

2021-22 and 2022-23 

Gay Ratcliff Seamens

Gay is our Membership Chair. Her passion is kids & dogs! You can find her at Harbor View events and on the weekends she volunteers to foster a Patriot Service Dog in training.  She was Club President 2020-21 and  named


Tim Treat​

Tim is our Club Treasurer.  Tim is passionate about kids and so he is often volunteering at Harbour View Elementary.  Tim also helps our club behind the scenes in a variety of ways. He was Club President 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. 

2019-2020, 2018-2019 &

Martha Friedman

Martha is our Club Secretary. She loves the hands on projects we do.  If there's a project going on, she will be there. Her sewing talent helps us with the Cancer Care Kits

Rich & Kate Tapia

Rich & Kate  are our Presidents Elect.  They help with our Food Drives, always help pack food at LovExtension and planned a ShelterBox project to help Ukraine. Rick and Kate love children and volunteering at Harbour View Elementary is one of their favorite projects..

Bob McKnight

Bob is our Club Administrator. He has volunteered at many of our projects.  Delivering books to a Title 1 school gave him his first "Rotary Moment"..

Earl Wilkinson

Earl loves getting involved, especially with the Angel Tree project providing gifts for children.  He's a new member but a long-time Rotarian with lots of  passion for serving.
Youth Services Chair 2022-23, 2023-4

Kim Grassi

Kim is passionate about serving.  She started volunteering with the club even before she became a member. Kim helps with all the projects we take on. She is chair of our Food Drives.  She is also Service Projects Chair and President Nominee for  2025-2026.

Sue Bodenner

Sue is currently Public Image Chair. Sue really enjoys finding opportunity and since the pandemic has help making rebates and coupons provide free and almost free products to those we help.  

Rotarian of the Year: 2017-2018

Dusty Rhodes

 Dusty served as  our Club Administrator for many years. Being a US Veteran himself, he loves promoting our Smiles for Veterans Fund.  He is also passionate about golf and organizes the tee time for our Monday Rotary Golf.

Jim Bodenner

Jim is the spearhead of our Smiles for Veterans Fund.  He makes sure our weekly speakers are interesting.  He is also passionate about correct information regarding Medicare Benefits...just ask him. He helps out wherever he can...even in the rain for Food & Fun Festival.

Norm Davis

Norm enjoys tutoring at Harbour View and helps with Food Drives.   His passion is being sure we have social time, especially after meetings and he arranges the dining spot.  Norm is a Charter Member.

Brent Mitchell

Brent  helps with our food drives. When we need pick-ups or deliveries, he is ready. 

Pat Cronenberg

Pat helps wherever she can in service projects and  Pat is helpful with fundraising too.  Her passion for horses brought us our Private Polo Event.  Pat is a Charter Member.

Karen Jasniewski

Karen is a long time Rotarian and supporter of The Rotary Foundation.  She has been on a Polio Immunization Trip.  She is involved in all our projects in some way.

Cindy Ivy

Cindy has helped in every area of the club from finances to foundation.  She helps with our scholarship program and is a supporter of all our projects.  She has some great recipes for our social events and enjoys hosting.

Marvin Ivy

Marvin's passion is fishing but we haven't found a project for that YET.  He and his truck have been a big help when we need to move stuff.  He helps with the food drive and is supportive of all our projects.

Yori Okuda

Yori joined Rotary because of its focus on Peace in the world.  He has been Foundation Chair.  He looks for ways our club can help with that focus.

Vinnie Mangia

Vinnie always puts a smile on our faces, ready to pay a Happy Dollar and serve in anyway he can. He is a frequent volunteer at a memory loss daycare program. Here Vinnie helps with the Cancer Care Kits

Pat Roam

Pat is accepting shoes for a Hands On Project.  She has found numerous small projects that make an impact.  Usually involves us collecting items that are needed. She helps out with our fundraisers and walks for cases.

Sharon Petersen

Sharon loves to travel and she made a trip to see projects in the Dominican Republic.  She is a hands on volunteer for clubs projects. She helps with behind the scene tasks related to our projects.

Gay Davidson

Gay led the Service Project committee for 2 years.  She's a great organizer and has helped establish some best practices on the committee.  Currently she is the liaison for LovExtension. She helps wherever needed.

Karl Keri

Karl is Past Youth Services Director and helps with meeting set up.  Karl has also helped with food drives, collecting mens clothes,  but he really enjoys the hands-on projects.

Francine Jackson

Francine enjoys packing bags at LovExtension and delivering school supplies from a club drive with Lady Lake Staples.

Lynnda Simpson

Lynnda is a new member but has  already volunteered at LovExtension, Harbour View and our Food Drives.  She has been helpful in doing research about fundraisers and projects.

Jonathan Bellush

Jonathan  is a big help with ZOOM technology to make our meetings more accessible.

Pat Reightly

Pat jumped right in to help pack at LovExtension and our Rotary Food Drive.  She has a lot Rotary experience to bring to our club

Ron Schettler

Ron transferred his membership to our club and immediately helped set up & take down of meetings, started golfing & signed up for the Fall Food Drive.

Diana Conkhite

Diana transferred her membership and jumped right in both the social and service.  She volunteers with every project she can.

Aaron Spechler

Aaron has been attending our meetings and decided to become an active member of the club.  He has delivered books, helped with Zoom at our meetings.  Aaron enjoys all the activities of our club.

Joe Beyroutey

Joe thought Rotary was his wife's thing, but he enjoyed golfing with Rotarians, liked going to dinner after our meetings and liked the now Rotary is HIS thing too.  He is a regular volunteer at Dolphin Depot.

Betsy Kmiecik

Betsy started volunteering even before becoming a member.  She brings several years of Rotary membership enthusiasm.  She will help wherever needed on projects, fundraising and even our weekly newsletter.

Al Martine

Al has been a Rotarian in West Virginia for many years before moving to The Villages.  He also got involved before he joined our club with Monday Golf but hear he is helping with the Food & Fun Festival helping give books to children.

Could be YOU!

Come visit and meet us and learn more about our volunteering and giving back.

Honorary Members

These members have supported our club and projects in extraordinary ways.

Lord Lyall

Lord Lyall has provided us a unique venue & entertainment for a fundraiser.  The Private Polo event held 4 years raised over $30,000.

Fred Robey

Fred is a retired member of our club and a Rotary Arch Klump donor.  He continues to support our club projects in a generous way.  New and creative endeavors to meet needs in the community have happened with his encouragement.

Ruth Bowling

Ruth has help us with Rotary Grants that impact needs internationally and with partner Advent Health.

Friend of Rotary

During the Covid Epidemic lots of basic needs came into our awareness.  Pres Julie was approached by a person that believed our club could accept a donation and use it to fill an unmet need.  Thanks to her generosity, we started a benevolent fund that helps the homeless in ways not normally covered by agency funds.  She also helped us with funds for diagnostic testing for those without insurance and resources.

Barbara Cornell

Barbara was introduced to Harbour View Elementary during when we began volunteering and helping there.  She has been a faithful volunteer for teachers since 2018.  She is able to let us know when she hears of emergency clothing needs.

Rotarian of the Year-Former Members

Recipients of this award have gone 'above & beyond' the regular Rotarian service.  As noted above, current members, Tim Treat, Sue Bodenner,  Gay Ratcliff-Seamens & Julie Schmied have also received this award.

Tom Reed

Rotarian of the Year
2014-2015 retired member

Hermann Weiss

Rotarian of the Year
2016-2017 retired member