Our Social Justice Book Club

Rotary International Statement regarding Social Justice:
"At Rotary, we have no tolerance for racism. Promoting respect, celebrating diversity, demanding ethical leadership, and working tirelessly to advance peace are central tenets of our work. We have more work to do to create more just, open and welcoming communities for all people. We know there are no easy fixes and that challenging conversations and work lie before all of us. Rotary’s strength has long been our ability and commitment to bringing people together. We will tap into that strength now as we stand with those who are working for peace and justice. Rotary will do our part to listen, learn and take action to ensure that we continue to contribute to making positive change."

Members of our club wanted to learn & understand more about  how we could be better citizens.  The idea of the Social Justice Book Club emerged.   Each month our Rotarians and non-Rotarian friends are reading a title selected by the group. Then a one hour discussion is scheduled. Those attending share how the book impacted them, what they learned or questions it raised.  

Here are the titles we have read...

 1. Poorly Understood: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty by Rank, et al
2. The Beginning by Patrick Smith
3. More Than Good Intentions
4. Uncounted: The Crisis of Voter Suppression in America
5. A More Beautiful and Terrible History by Theoharis
6. Uncomfortable Conversation with a Black Man by Ocho
7. Caste by Wilkinson
8. Devil in The Grove by King
9. Melting Pot by Salam
10. The Color of Law by Rothstein
11. There There by Orange
12. Hillbilly Elegy by Vance
13. Stolen by Bell
14. The New Jim Crow by Alexander
15. The Warmth of Other Suns by Wilkenson
16. Just Mercy by Stevenson
17. White Fragility by Diangelo
18. The Price of Inequality by Stiglitz
19. Toni Morrison, Beloved (banned book)
20. White Trash by Isenberg
21.  Lady Justice by Lithwick
22. The Sum of Us by McGhee
23. How to Stand Up to a Dictator - Ressa
24. The Women They Could Not Silence by Kate Moore
25. Crazy by Eardley
26. Radium Girls by K Moore
27.  The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict &Victoria Christopher Murray
28. Irish Slaves by Akamatsu.
29. Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehraenreish
31. Enough!